Happy Clients


"We used Louise when moving to Canton, GA four years ago, and have since completed about another 9 real estate transactions with her. An absolute pro, really makes real estate buying and selling easy." - Bill T.  


"Louise is, without a doubt, one of the best real estate agents I've ever heard of! In my family's experience, we have found her manner to be professional, cordial, and sympathetic to our needs and budget. We had contacted her about two years ago to buy, but we were unable to find a house that really fit both our needs and our budget. Our budget was NOT large, but regardless Louise was super helpful, always on the ball (never once did she fail to call us back with either results or a progress report on the same day we asked about a house), and above all she was absolutely "No Pressure" sales. Despite all this, we still hit a snag when life decided to throw my family a curve ball, and we were forced to give up our search for a while. When we told Louise, she was sympathetic and understanding, and not even once did she mention or even HINT about the fuel and time she had spent to show us (12+?) houses (not to mention all the others we had called/emailed her about). She simply wished us well, and told us to give her a call if we decided we wanted to look around again in the future. No pressure, no "the market could change...", no "you might not find another house like this", did I mention "NO PRESSURE"?

So come last April, life stabilized, and we got our finances back in gear and decided she deserved a call back. Our budget was even lower than the last time we had looked, something that could easily cause an agent to question whether we were really worth their time. Given the number of houses we looked at during the last search, combined with our lowered budget, we figured Louise was going to be thinking "Great. These guys again?" but she returned my call within one hour, and was the professional, amicable, helpful agent we remembered, and she seemed genuinely excited to help us start looking (did I mention that our new budget was well within the 5-digit range?). She remembered all of our names (if this was due to mental trauma, it was not evident from her attitude), even my parents, who had tagged along for several of the house visits during the previous search. Not once did she mention our searches from last time, or even assume we were looking for the same type of house. It was a new start with a familiar face. 

In both searches, she answered questions openly and honestly, and gave us tips and helpful websites to research neighborhoods, conveniences, etc. for each location we visited. She asked us questions about what we were looking for, and helped us avoid problem locations (houses with lots of repairs, traffic issues, etc.). We finally got an amazing house that fit exactly what we we wanted, within our budget. Not once did she ever mention having other clients (smooth!) or imply that we had ever inconvenienced her in any way (for all we knew, she came out of early retirement just to find us a house).

Since we finalized the sale last April (might have been May? I'm writing this "off the cuff") and it's September now, I've had more than a year to think about how things went (let resentment build, etc.). In short, my family's perspective is unchanged since the day we bought the house: we highly recommend Louise to anyone. She's a fantastic resource, a professional, and a very personable individual. Having seen what her agent fee was on our house, we decided that she did not get paid enough to do what she did. Sorry, let me rephrase that: She gave some of the most incredible service value we could have asked for. 

Louise, thank you again, and I owe you a Christmas card! Our house has been amazing!!!" - Miles J.


Absolutely amazing. Very informative , very thorough , and at the drop of a dime would go out of her way to meet us on any home we asked. Louise looks out for the best interest of the buyer and informs you on things that you should be aware of and look for she was the best choice I could have made for a realtor - Joe & Mallory